With Katie, we felt incredibly advocated for.

Like most, we’ve bought and sold numerous homes. Prices ranging from $140k to $1.3M. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some outstanding agents, but Katie Rocco stands out from the rest for many reasons. We like to pretend that home buying is simply a financial transaction, but everyone knows it’s deeply emotional. Katie understands this. She listened. With each of the homes we went to, she got a greater sense of what we were seeking – and boy did we request to see many. We visited 36 homes in three days. Important details, like my preference to not have a cook top in the island, and a home with a ton of natural light would be pointed out and noted as we compared the many we saw. Katie is intensely observant. She noticed many things we didn’t. We were looking at big picture items like the architecture, updates, flow of the home, school districts, etc, and she would point out the overhead power lines in the front yard, or concerning cracks in the garage. One home we walked in, she immediately said “guys this house had a serious mold problem based on the smell alone – not a great choice”. Another home we were very interested in had synthetic stucco (EIFS) and she did not hesitate to inform us on the risks and concerns that often come along with that. Both my husband and I were truly amazed at the details she pointed out. With Katie, we felt incredibly advocated for. She knew how to hustle when we found the home we wanted and to make a very compelling contract. The cover letter that many people consider silly is exactly what won us our home amidst the other bids – the sellers personally told us. She researched what was important to the them and positioned us accordingly, writing a letter that completely won them over. I felt like she was helping us not only find a home we would love, but one we could easily sell when the time came. With each home, she put on the hat of both buying agent and listing agent and made sure we wouldn’t be stuck with a beautiful home that would be impossible to sell for many not-so-obvious reasons. Lastly, my children love her. She was so kind and respectful to them and really made them feel like a part of the process – such as allowing them to help her open the lock boxes and even asking their opinion on aspects of the houses. Katie has become a dear friend of ours, and we are so grateful that our home buying allowed us to cross paths. Without hesitation we recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their home in the Atlanta market.

— The LeRay Family