She will always be there for you!

Katie is very efficient, always on top of issues. Sadly most of the times we call a realtor are because we have some sort of issues. She will always be there for you!
I recently bought a new home and the experience has not been good. We had different issues with the builder, and lender. Katie was always there to push things through for a satisfactory solution. She is like an array of sunshine when things get bad. Her positive energy is infectious. I know I can always count on her for support and comfort. Yes, it sounds crazy to lean on your realtor for comfort. She is that good and personal. When things get really difficult and you can’t sleep at night, she will always make you feel ok and know that everything will work out just fine. She will always be there for you. I have bought and sold houses many times in my life and used many different realtors. None can come close to Katie. I have never used one realtor twice. However with Katie, I sold and bought from her. My two co-workers sold and bought from her. They both had great experiences. She will be my realtor for life and I will recommend her to all my family and friends.
She is very honest and never plays games. You can’t go wrong with her. Katie, you have won my heart and mind. You are simply the BEST!

— Ming Potter