She listened patiently to our “must have” list and was very responsive in answering our questions.

We were out of state buyers and looking for a place in Alpharetta. Katie did an amazing job finding us a great house. She listened patiently to our “must have” list and very responsive in answe ring our questions. She has solid knowledge of the neighborhoods. She also is very knowledgeable about how houses are built, pointing out issues which are not noticeable for novices like us. She is willing to assist you in all aspects of a house buying process from the offer, inspecting, appraisal to closing, which is very helpful for 1st-time buyers. She is always very prompt with her response which was a huge plus for us since we were new to this area and out of state. Also, she has tons of contractor references for any upgrade/update projects after closing. Thanks to Katie our house buying process was extremely smooth. We would highly recommend Katie to anyone looking for a great realtor.

— Rajiv Kam