I would constantly see what a masterful job she did for other people.

I met Katie years ago at a networking event. I was not in the market to purchase a house at the time; my husband and I were renting property and had no intention of buying a house, but I started following Katie on social media. I would constantly see what a masterful job she did for other people. Come back to the present and I found myself in a position where I needed to find a place to live and quickly. My husband and I were being asked to leave our rental home due to our landlords wanting to sell it. Of course, panic quickly ensued. After lots of debate between my husband and I, we ended up getting a wild hare idea to actually just put an offer in on our rental house, that was not even on the market, nor did I know if our landlords would actually want to sell to us, but I proceeded to contact Katie. I knew she was good based on what I’d witnessed peripherally, but I didn’t realize how good she actually was. In less than a day, my husband and I were able to put in an offer on our house, that was easily accepted due to how skillfully Katie put together the deal. She worked hard to make sure the offer was fair for us and honestly, the whole process was a breeze. Through technology, we were able to easily sign documents for her and within a month of our crazy idea, we had closed on the house. It was honestly one of the most easy HUGE purchases I’ve ever made. Overall, Katie is amazing at what she does. She fights for you, no matter whether you are the buyer or the seller. She’s absolutely, 100% in your corner, looking out for you. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend her….matter of fact, I already have!

— Rikki Niblett