SPRING is a great time to give the interior and exterior of your home a good deep clean to get ready for fabulous weather!


Typically we don’t get much snow that actually sticks here in the south, but if there are any leftover leaves that need to be raked, you’ll want to start with those.

Lay down fresh mulch beneath hedges and in flowerbeds

Check exterior faucets & ensure proper usage

Trim bushes & hedges & cut back any long, wonky limbs that have gotten out of control

Reseed/fertilize lawn

Tend to your lawnmower & weedeater – it’s been a hot minute since they’ve been used, give them some love!

Check walkways, driveways & concrete pool areas for cracks & pressure wash as needed

Are there loose or broken roof shingles?

Clean debris out of gutters

Are there paint chips in the siding of your home, fencing or shed? What about loose or stained bricks that need repair?

Wash all window & door screens, glass & frames

Spruce up your outdoor furniture! Give them a good cleaning or replace as needed


Check batteries in your smoke alarms & carbon monoxide detectors

Now is great time to test out the fire extinguishers – better yet, if you don’t have them, you’ll want to be sure you have one in appropriate areas

Contact a technician to checkout your HVAC unit – we have recommendations if you need one!

Check faucets and pipes for drips and/or leaks

With spring, comes rain! Be sure your sump pump is functioning properly

Flip & clean your mattress while your sheets & bedding are being cleaned

Deep clean hardwood floors & have carpets professionally cleaned

Clean out your refrigerator – get rid of the questionable stuff that’s been in there for months, remove everything & wipe down all the shelves & doors

Wipe down your stainless steel appliances

Clean your draperies – this should be done twice per year, so we’re adding it to the fall list too! Dust collects on the fabric and after the pollen goes away, it’s a great time to clean them!

Wipe down walls, baseboards, doors, window sills, cabinetry, ceiling fans & light fixtures – these hard to reach places collect dust over time and it’s a good idea to wipe them down with a damp cloth and/or vacuum with the attachment



Get your sprinkler systems ready to work in the heat!

Didn’t repaint the exterior of your home over spring? Now is as good a time as any!

We’re in the south so planning ahead for pests is imperative. Maintaining a consistent pest control plan will help alleviate any issues throughout the season

Summer is a GREAT time for projects – get the kids involved and have them help with a DIY!

Clean/repair deck or patio as needed – pressure wash, re-stain, fix old boards, fix cracked concrete, etc.

Summer is a great time to go through the garage and get rid of things you don’t use and/or get things organized


Reverse the setting on your ceiling fans to counter clock wise to push the air down for a nice breeze!

Pests get inside too, so make a plan for spraying the interior of your home as well as the exterior

Have you been putting off

Disinfect your washing machine to ensure smooth functionality & fresh smell

Clean dryer vents & other exhaust vents – make this a priority, the build up of debris in vents can be costly if not maintained properly

Clean your dishwasher – this gets grime build up too!

Shake out your area rugs – wash if needed

Check grout in tile work throughout your home, maintain/repair as needed



Fall is a great time to plant trees & shrubs and re-seed your lawn

Keep those leaves raked up to avoid more cleanup in the spring!

Clean those gutters again!

Test the sump pump, don’t wait until you have an issue

Re-seal driveway/pavement for cracks (if it ever freezes, these cracks will expand and can cause major, costly damages)


Flush hot water heater and remove sediment

Check for leaks in windows & doors

Be sure to heating vents are open & not blocked with furniture & service the AC unit(s) & ductwork as needed

Clean chimney (this can also be done in the spring)

Caulk window & door frames as necessary – there should be on drafts

Check smoke & carbon monoxide detectors – a good rule of thumb is to check this when you change the clocks back

Wash those draperies again!



Check & change air filters on heating system

Have a generator? Now is a good time to have it serviced (especially if it hasn’t been used) so it’s in working condition when you need it!

Even in the south, we like a good fire in the family room in the winter time! Stock up on dry wood for the wood stove and/or fireplace

Be sure you’ve got salt for those icy days!


Have chimney flume cleaned prior to use

If you tend to spend more time inside in the winter, it’s a great season to repeat some of the chores you completed during spring; 

– Wipe down walls, baseboards, doors, window sills, cabinetry, ceiling fans & light fixtures – these hard to reach places collect dust over time and it’s a good idea to wipe them down with a damp cloth and/or vacuum with the attachment

– didn’t get to clean your draperies last seasons? Be sure to get to it over winter!

– get behind your furniture and dust/vacuum 

– now is also a great time to pull out the tv’s and give the cords a good wipe down…you’d be surprised what collects back there over a year!


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