Two Months Before

– collect cartons, gather moving supplies

– select mover & review details of move

– begin packing unnecessary items

– have a yard sale or donate items

– plan menus to use up food in refrigerator & cupboards

– contact IRS or accountant regarding tax deductible expenses

One Month Before

– being packing!

notify post office of change of address

– notify utility companies of changes or disconnections

– collect & keep important papers handy (medical records, etc.)

– saving moving receipts

– make reservations for any needed lodging

– if employer helps pay moving expenses, confirm what preparations, if any, you will be required to make

– decide what goes with you, what to sell, what to donate, what to store

– finalize arrangements with moving company or make reservations if renting a truck

– notify friends & family of new address & recruit moving help!

Two Weeks Before

– clear up outstanding accounts

– transfer checking & savings accounts & contents of safe deposit box

– cancel direct deposit/auto payments on account that’s being closed

– arrange for pet travel

– service your car – if travel a distance

– dispose of flammable liquids, paints, aerosols, gas in yard equipment, etc.

– Renew/transfer prescriptions

Week of Move

– transfer or close bank account

– defrost refrigerator

– tag furniture to identify it’s location in the new home

– prepare ‘survival’ package – water, snacks, etc.

Day Before Move

– set aside moving materials – tape measure, utility knife, rope, bungee cords, etc.

– pick up rental truck

– check oil & gas in your car

– try to get some sleep!

After Move

– main that has been forward from your old address will have a yellow address label on it. Notify the sender of your new address

– register to vote

– if you’ve moved to another state or county, contact the DMV to exchange your driver license & register your vehicle (see our relo guide for details!)

– contact sanitation department to find out which day trash is collected. Ask if there are recycling programs

– research where the closest landfill is

– provide new doctor & dentist with medical history

– locate hospital, police & fire stations

– refer to THIS guide for places to visit, where to eat, info about schools, utility info, etc.

– contact Katie with ANY questions you have as you’re getting settled into your new home! 770.710.5911